"Running is a subversive act, this race is a statement of intent"
If you participate in the Ecology and Equality race, this means you will carry a "unique" number, one that represents your desire to achieve a state of equality and environmental sustainability. Anyone committed to the demands of this race can request a race number and participate. This is not a "women run track", This is a horizontal run to a shared future. The exti is always open, you can enter the marathon whenever you want; the more runners, the earlier we'll get our goal.

How do I use the race number?

When you request the number you’ll appear as part of the project on our website. You can carry it as often, and for as long as you want. We ask you to always carry in those situations where there is a need to show the desire to achieve the goal. If you attend an event or witness a situation in which environmental inequality and injustice are evident, please wear the number on you and send us a picture with information on the event. We will upload it on to the web (you can also do so via the QR code assigned to your race number). These actions help us move forward, together.
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